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Life is a rhythm of work, play, and rest… and if you are like most of us you’re probably a little lacking in play and celebration!

Through InterPlay forms and practices you can:

  • playfully integrate body, mind, and spirit
  • make room for your authentic self to breathe and grow
  • discover new talents and gifts

InterPlay simply and easily creates life-giving connection and community.

Come join us as we change the world one play at a time!

The Seattle InterPlay community’s many teachers offer classes and events at various times during the year. We also invite guest teachers from all over the world to share their gifts with our local community.

Most classes and events are multi-level and beginners are always welcome.

For those with advanced willingness to play we have a vibrant, on-going Play Group that meets weekly and provides a great space to practice.

For people who aren’t satisfied with simply dabbling in InterPlay, and want to jump in with both feet and a smile, we offer the InterPlay Life Practice Program.

Freedom to Choose Our Focus

• Tuesday, March 06th, 2012

As this year’s InterPlay Life Practice Program has gotten underway I have gained a deeper appreciation for the first InterPlay Tool, “Easy Focus”. To illustrate the concept of “easy focus” on a body level we often use our hands to create fake binoculars for ourselves and find one thing in the room to look really […]

Million Connections Fundraiser Lunch 2011 Highlights!

• Wednesday, October 19th, 2011


Confessions of a Recovering Serious Person

• Friday, September 02nd, 2011

Lindsey Gregerson, a participant in the InterPlay Next Gen Leaders: Art for Social Change program from the Seattle area wrote this article about her experience this summer in Oakland. “To stress and seriousness I say WHEEEEEE! As a recovering serious person, I have known and practiced good self-care. You almost have to in order to […]

Gifts of the Life Practice Program

• Saturday, August 20th, 2011

A recent Life Practice Program graduate, Beth Sarver, wrote these comments about her experience of participating in the Life Practice Program in Seattle. The Interplay Life Practice Program came into my life at the most perfect time. The forms and methods that I learned have expanded my work, my mothering skills and most awesomely I […]

Mentoring and Incrementality

• Wednesday, June 08th, 2011

We come to Friday morning Interplay—a dozen of us in Seattle and soon sixteen or twenty. The leaders rotate and bring themselves and the Interplay forms so we can renew, uplift, and share. We often start with babbling in pairs and the forms begin. Last week it was the topic of mentoring—played with in incremental […]

Friday Morning Class Connections

• Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Our Seattle Friday Morning Class has been a time of joyful connections. Players find ways to support each other inside and outside of class. Some class members continue in the fun and creative spirit by gathering for lunch after class. Joy Fry shares her experience in this poem. Friends out to lunch after Friday morning […]

The Gift of Ecstatic Following

• Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

My four “20 something” children suggested that we needed some new holiday traditions that involved more than opening presents on Christmas morning. The gift that they decided to give each other was “ecstatic following”. Each person in our family came up with an idea for a family activity on Christmas weekend. The gift from everyone […]

Million Connections Photos

• Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Krista Harris Importance of Connections Story

Million Connections

• Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I don’t think we quite made a Million Connections this weekend or a million dollars…but my heart feels like an absolute millionaire from the connections I made with new friends and old friends during our various workshops this week with Phil Porter. Many thanks to Phil for teaching us “all that he knows” about Performing, […]

The InterPlay Malawi Connection

• Monday, August 16th, 2010

Over 40 InterPlayers have visited Malawi with Masankho Banda, a California-based InterPlayer and peacemaker who was born and raised in Malawi.  Masanko was given political asylum in the United States in 1987.  His father, Aleke K. Banda, was imprisoned from 1980-1992 by the president of Malawi who ruled as a brutal dictator for 30 years, […]