Masankho Banda at Hamilton Middle School

• Wednesday, November 07th, 2012

Here is Krista Harris’s report on Masankho’s week at Hamilton Middle School:

Masankho Banda, international InterPlayer and African dancer-drummer-storyteller was an artist-in-residence at Seattle’s Hamilton International Middle School for six days in late October.  The residency was funded by the Hamilton Parent Teacher Student Association, by InterPlay Seattle, and by  the University United Church of Christ.

Drummers in concert

Masankho taught five energetic classes each day, teaching students songs, dances, drumming patterns, and stories about his native culture of Malawi.


Hamilton middle school students were enthusiastic participants, and the week-long residency culminated in two performances for the school.

Masankho loves teaching African arts to students and believes that this is a vital way to help them embody global interconnection. He is grateful to InterPlay Seattle for sponsoring his visit to Seattle.

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