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• Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

In preparation for our fundraiser on October 24th the InterPlay Seattle Sounding Board wanted to begin to share our stories about how InterPlay impacts us. Check them out! And join us for our Free FUN-draising Event!
Stories of the Heart:
Ways that InterPlay is Changing the World – in Seattle and Beyond
With Masankho Banda of Malawi & InterPlay Seattle
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
6:30-8:30 pm
at Queen Anne Christian Church

Finger foods and nibbles provided!

The InterPlay Seattle Sounding Board:

Betsey Beckman, Sharie Bowman,
Steve Condit, Joy Fry, Carol Hamilton, Ingrid Hurlen & Sheila McCarthy

Here are some stories from the Board about why we InterPlay.  We would love to hear your stories too!  Please add your comments to our post!

“Finding our full dancing selves – rich with new life and body wisdom. I really see the development of these forms in bringing fullness into each person’s performance. Incorporating dance when there were only words before – words when there was only dance. The spirit rises up and through a body that is dancing, singing, telling one’s story. I am so inspired by this process of discovery.”
From journal entry June 9, 1993 (my first InterPlay experience at St. Dorothy’s Rest) – Ingrid

I have been InterPlaying for nearly 20 years. It has informed every part of my life and work. That is why I believe passionately in nurturing and furthering InterPlay’s growth as a tool for many to discover the beauty of one’s bodyspirit and full expression of their embodied stories. Whether as a support group for those more fragile in body and spirit or as a means to create inspiring performances – InterPlay can change the world incrementally and exponentially, one playful experience at a time. – Ingrid Hurlen

I love that InterPlay is improvisational. Moving, dancing, singing, and sharing our stories “in the moment” teaches us to trust that we have all that we need. Playing with it all through our bodies is so honest and surprising and full of fresh wisdom. Getting out of our overworked heads and in to that place where we allow our bodies to lead is just magical. – Sheila McCarthy

“Who am I beyond all of the voices of what I should and ought to be? I love to move my body. I like to play hard. I don’t want to sit still anymore. I like to sing. Talking is becoming easier since I’ve learned to babble. My body loves to lie on the earth, sit by the ocean, walk in the arboretum, put my feet in a creek. I want to embrace more of what I enjoy on the planet…take more time for those things that fill me…love more often…life, people, places, experiences…”
From my InterPlay Leadership Program writings from 2003 – Sharie

Nine years later… I notice that one of the most profound principles of InterPlay for me has been creating my life based on the question, “Who or what creates grace for me?” I now have the courage to love more fully and have relationships that are grace-filled! Those grace-filled relationships have motivated me to want to create events for others to have the opportunity to know that feeling of acceptance and love too! InterPlay has helped me be able to say, “Yes!” to life and to take actions to create because I’ve learned that even when things seem overwhelming or challenging at first…I know how to say to myself, “I can do that!” – Sharie Bowman

InterPlay is a wonderful way to access the wisdom my body has to offer me. Using InterPlay forms to play with others is fun and gives me a window into their lives that I might not otherwise be privileged to witness. I appreciate that in InterPlay we are invited to “look for the good”. Finding InterPlay in 2006 was truly a homecoming for me and I am passionate about sharing its heart and soul with others. – Joy Fry

InterPlay makes me feel alive, connected, and affirming of movement, storytelling, music and engagement. When I experience the creativity in others and in myself that comes from the simple yet profound activities of an InterPlay class or workshop, I am renewed in spirit and body. One highlight for me this year was following Trish Watts to the view park on Queen Anne hill where we played with the sculpture, each other, and celebrated the 80th birthday of Richard with each other and strangers who joined us in song and sharing of our gifts. InterPlay is a practice of profound living that makes me deeply happy to be with others who also find joy in such life giving experiences. – Carol Hamilton

I love InterPlay! I love laughing at myself. I love “exforming” all the beauty and struggles of my life. I love the tangible, kinesthetic support of creative community. I love the sneaky-deep qualities of InterPlay in all kinds of settings: church conferences, ministry gatherings, retreats, SpiritPlay classes, even on the prayer DVD’s I’ve been publishing -whee! I love InterPlay! – Betsey Beckman

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