Life changing!

• Friday, May 28th, 2010

I had finished a Master’s degree in Transforming Spirituality and was panicked about returning to the “world.” I kept getting messages from a range of sources that I needed to try InterPlay. Those message-givers knew what my soul needed – a place to play in a community of wonderful people who were willing to risk to improvise with abandon. I often say that InterPlay “saved my life”. I suppose that is almost too grand a statement. I do know that InterPlay has added a level of delight to my life that I never imagined and has placed me in a community of amazing people in the greater Seattle area. I recommend InterPlay to anyone who is willing to listen – people at exercise, people in the grocery store, and even people next to me on the plane. It has taken me to deep places, to life-filled places, to joy-filled places. Doing InterPlay as a life practice will change your life.

Carol Scott-Kassner

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    In the past, my perfectionist tendencies and my thinking that I have to know the end product or goal completely before doing something, have kept me from trying new things, but since I have been playing with InterPlay, the idea of incrementality has helped me be more adventuresome and worry less. All I need to know is the next little step, not the whole process. I can choose to be in the present and not be paralized by living in a future that does not yet exist.

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